Tuning the guitar to the 528 frequency:

First, you need to recalibrate the A440hz based tuners to A444hz which gives us a C of 528.008. The 444Hz is, close enough, the correct “A” pitch tuning using the Korg Chromatic tuner. If you set this Korg tuner to 444Hz (instead of 440Hz), then the tuner will guide you tuning every string (EADGBE) of the guitar. This is the simplest way to tune your guitar as A=444Hz closely approximates C(5) at 528Hz. You do not want to tune to an A flat. You want to go a little sharp, but not quite a half tone.
528 frequency is the heart of the electromagnetic color spectrum (the rainbow–greenish yellow) and sound spectrum. It has been mathematically proven fundamental to all sacred geometry and cosmology. It is reported to repair damaged DNA. It is C5 on the ancient diatonic scale, equal to A=444Hz (as opposed to standard tuning in A-440). It is the third note, MI tone, of the original Solfeggio scale credited for producing miracles. The heart of the human being must resonate the pure tone 528Hz, if we consider chakra system and the color of 528 associated with the heart chakra. Thus, if LOVE/joy are heart felt, then they would be carried fundamentally by the pure tone 528Hz; that also happens to be the natural frequency the human voice chants when the sound “AH” is chanted by groups. Many conjecture that heart-felt loving intention empowers prayer, and LOVE is the “Universal Healer.”