Musical Blessing

Scott Huckabay

     Scott has traveled the world gathering inspiration and playing his guitar, creating a harmony of tribal and ancestral frequencies influencing mental, emotional, and physical wellness. His dedication to his mission of global harmony inspires others to open their hearts to share joy and peace. As an earth steward, he encourages humanity to tread lightly upon Mother Earth.

     A fretboard master who is reshaping the acoustic genre, Huckabay has developed more than 300 open-guitar tunings. His intricate licks incorporate elements of rock, folk, blues and fusion. He peppers a rhythmic groove with the warping and bending of notes, complete with an array of harmonic surprises, including the use of custom built Morley Wah pedal, Boss loop station, eBow, custom made stone guitar picks, quartz crystal and violin bow in the layering of his sonic landscapes. Scott has performed at over 5,000 festivals, theaters, stadiums, and coffee houses across the U.S and throughout the world!

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  • Darcy Jane Atwater-Bednarek says:

    I remain in Awe, Breathless, Speechless… The Essence of what Scott brings to us all, touches a place in me I had so long ago forgotten…..
    { namaste } bright blessings (((~!~)))

  • Ulises Montano says:

    You just need to FEEL AND LISEN then you are in another world no add need it is simply Magic…..Thanks Scoot Blessings

  • Mark Roback says:

    I have seen Scott on 3 occasions – 1st in 2000 at Sonoma State University on the lawn, then at the Oregon Country Fair in 2002 and last year at the Benbow Arts and music festival – I hope he decides to do this years show in early June- Each show is an wonderful sonic journey. From an fellow soundscape artist.

  • Jason R Couch says:

    I remember Scott Playing slide guitar with a tea cup on my couch in Ashland. THAT was a lot of Thanksgivings ago eh mate?

  • He used to come to Tucson, AZ in the winter. He and I would go to the “streets” and he would mesmerize listeners for hours, (including me) as I sold his cds. Than he would be invited to play at a restaurant, bookshop or home and would play another 4 to 5 hours. We traveled together to Sedona or Santa Fe and he’d awe listeners on the streets, cafes and homes. I was totally awed at his composing and actual superior playing. And he was a good friend of mine for years…

  • i have rarely witnessed such a amazing musican as you Scott,,, and will always remember your performances where i can feel the creator’s spirit coming in full blast*

  • Peter Einstein says:

    Scott performed at a number of events I used to produce on cruise ships (The Inner Voyage and the Yoga Cruise) and he would totally blow people away with his sheer artistry, creativity, and passion. His instrumentals speak more eloquently than any song. Who needs lyrics when you can play like Scott?

  • Marianna Lead, MCC says:

    Pure genius… would love to see a movie with Scott’s soundtrack… except I wouldn’t watch the movie, I’d just close my eyes and listen to the soundtrack…

  • Scott Fowler says:

    Hi Scott,
    Please come to Australia. You are entrusted with ushering in full ascention to 5th Dimension Consciousness. The time is now. 528Hz is the only way. Bring Dr Horowitz with you. We are on the cusp of the most magnificent achievement in history.
    Kind Regards & Blessings.

  • Liette Laberge says:

    I consider it a privilege to have been introduced to Scott’s music. Amazing how from that first song, I just wanted to listen to more. Don’t stop creating Scott, your music teases my imagination while capturing my soul. Well done and thank you!!.

  • Scott is one of the most creative, playful, lyrically rhythmic musicians you will ever find! He is a world-class performer who understands the healing power of music and is truly passionate about sharing his gifts to the world.

  • George, Pahoa says:

    Scott Huckabay is a playful trickster that unveils the highest healing rays of the muses. He is a minstrel playing in the frequencies of love whose musical navigation takes us on shamanic journeys to uncharted portals of soul havens to experience sacred landscapes in mystic gardens of spiritual, emotional and physical transformation. A true alchemist whose gift to the world is pure ecstasy and in every concert is an epic voyage…

  • Scott Huckabay is a brilliant guitarist whose groundbreaking style incorporates elements of Rock, Blues, Jazz and Fusion. To watch Huckabay play the guitar today, you are struck by his overall mastery of the fretboard and the way in which his fingers fly up and down the neck of his acoustic guitar. Including using a meteorite for a guitar pick, Scott utilizes every known guitar trick and then adds a few of his own just for fun. Behind the explosive dynamics and pulsating rhythm of Scott Huckabay’s guitar work lies an inspiring story of healing and recovery that is as powerful as the music itself.

  • Inspired Fan says:

    At times, Scott’s music is like an ancient dream, long forgotten, that transports us to the cool and misty heavens where we can find that which has been lost to us. At others, it is a passionate and rapturous celebration of life, and of the divine energy of Love that binds all living creatures and is the nature of the Universe itself.

  • Hello, I recently discovered Mr. Huckabay’s work and I’ve been looking for his tape release ‘Universe’ from 1990, was wondering is there a way I can get a download of this tape? Or if it will ever be re-released at all?

  • Hey Brother. MC from Kauai. Still remember you with great love and admiration.
    Never will forget how you summoned baby dolphins with your ocarina. They spun in the air with delight. If anyone told me that I wouldn’t believe it.
    All blessings beautiful soul.

    I’m The GPT Experience on YouTube, sharing my adventures with AI…

  • Scott, I had the honor of seeing you perform live several times in Tucson, Arizona in the late 1990’s. To this day, those performances are the greatest music performances I’ve seen in an intimate setting. Thank you for sharing your artistry. Every time I come back to listening to it it fills me with joy, as it did today.

  • Thomas James Darling says:

    Listening to Scott, hope springs eternal. Wholesome, without being naive or bypassing the depth we need to live at in these times.


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