30 Second Review…

Many people who see Scott perform say he is the best guitarist they have ever heard live. His talent, passion and dedication to his music is his life’s work. Scott has spent over a year swimming with dolphin pods that “adopted” him and with whales in the Hawaiian Islands as a part of his healing after being partially paralyzed by a near-fatal motorcycle crash. These “angels of the sea”, as he came to know them, taught him their sonic sounds that he incorporates into his acoustic-amplified guitar performances. Scott is one of the most creative, playful, lyrically rhythmic musicians you will ever find! He is a world-class performer who understands the healing power of music and is truly passionate about sharing his gifts to the world. Drawing on his Chiricahua roots and experiences in nature, he expresses his desire for the well-being of all life on this planet through his music. Donning tribal bells on his ankles and dancing on stage as he creates landscapes of harmonic enchantment through a myriad of intriguing methods on his guitar. Audiences are captivated, moved into dancing, and uplifted from his blissful songs.

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