30 Second Review…

Many people who see Scott perform say he is the best guitarist they have ever heard live. His talent, passion and dedication to his music is his life’s work. Scott has spent over a year swimming with dolphin pods that “adopted” him and with whales in the Hawaiian Islands as a part of his healing after being partially paralyzed by a near-fatal motorcycle crash. These “angels of the sea”, as he came to know them, taught him their sonic sounds that he incorporates into his acoustic-amplified guitar performances. Scott is one of the most creative, playful, lyrically rhythmic musicians you will ever find! He is a world-class performer who understands the healing power of music and is truly passionate about sharing his gifts to the world. Drawing on his Chiricahua roots and experiences in nature, he expresses his desire for the well-being of all life on this planet through his music. Donning tribal bells on his ankles and dancing on stage as he creates landscapes of harmonic enchantment through a myriad of intriguing methods on his guitar. Audiences are captivated, moved into dancing, and uplifted from his blissful songs.

Trickster Review

“Scott Huckabay is a playful trickster that unveils the highest healing rays of the muses. He is a minstrel playing in the frequencies of love whose musical navigation takes us on shamanic journeys to uncharted portals of soul havens to experience sacred landscapes in mystic gardens of spiritual, emotional and physical transformation. A true alchemist whose gift to the world is pure ecstasy and in every concert is an epic voyage…” ~George, Pahoa, HI

Timeless Review

SH-foot pedalScott Huckabay is a brilliant guitarist whose groundbreaking style incorporates elements of Rock, Blues, Jazz and Fusion. To watch Huckabay play the guitar today, you are struck by his overall mastery of the fretboard and the way in which his fingers fly up and down the neck of his acoustic guitar. Including using a meteorite for a guitar pick, Scott utilizes every known guitar trick and then adds a few of his own just for fun. Behind the explosive dynamics and pulsating rhythm of Scott Huckabay’s guitar work lies an inspiring story of healing and recovery that is as powerful as the music itself.

An Inspired Fan…

“At times, Scott’s music is like an ancient dream, long forgotten, that transports us to the cool and misty heavens where we can find that which has been lost to us. At others, it is a passionate and rapturous celebration of life, and of the divine energy of Love that binds all living creatures and is the nature of the Universe itself. When Scott plays his music, he has a profound connection to this Divine Light that so many of us seek and yet find so elusive, and while he is playing we are able to experience that connection ourselves through his music.” From an inspired fan…


Sonic Alchemyst

“Guitarist and self-described “sonic alchemyst” Scott Huckabay imbues his music with a shamanistic fervor, drawing from a vast palette of tones, techniques, and tunings to create rich, otherworldly, acoustic-trance soundscapes. His compositions embrace the healing, transformative power of music where his guitar is a sacred instrument that celebrates the ultimate possibilities of life. Huckabay’s distinctive fusion of rock, folk, world-beat, and blues also incorporates a violin bow, E-Bow, foot percussion, guitar loops and diverse forms of string sliding.
Scott Huckabay is rapidly gaining widespread recognition as the “Universal Guitarist for the Spiritual Renaissance.” He never played guitar before a motorcycle accident left him partially paralyzed in Arizona. His life dramatically changed after making a pact with God/Creator the moment before he hit the highway crashing at high speeds. He woke up from being unconscious with a guitar mysteriously laid by his feet. As Scott touched the instrument, music began streaming through him. Experimenting like no guitarist would learn or imagined, Scott hit, kicked, scraped and shook the instrument all over to pioneer novel ways to play the music he heard inside. Strumming, picking, slapping and bowing the strings were used for his accompaniment. The ensuing year, for his own healing and musical mastery, he communed daily with dolphins and whales in Hawaii, listening and learning their hydro-sonic secrets. His guitar became a physical extension, therapeutic invention, and spiritual blessing for Scott and civilization.” -Dr. Len Horowitz

David of Olympia

5975028364_c079bf68af_b “His Shows are phenomenal, He’s a magician of a musician, especially when you see him live. The long weave of the journey he’s taken me on thru his music have led me into divine and transformative places. Surely beautiful music and talent if you need to stay in your seat, yet I have probably never had a musician share such a sensitive acoustic channel in to a deep and sacred space.” ~David, Olympia WA

Anonymous Fan

Your music penetrates to the very core of being. At times the beauty was so overwhelming, tears poured from me. I have never been touched or moved so deeply by anyone or anything. It was like you were playing on the inside, my nerves were like the strings of your guitar, my heart became the rhythm and beat.

It’s the dance of the Equinox when all opposites unite around the circle of life. An interplay of day & night, a synthesis of many different voices, many different ways. At times, the trumpet of Jericho, the pipes of Pan, The Flute of Krisna, the Shamans drum, the music of Orpheus like a blending of fire, air, water, and earth.

A strong solar wind purifying your mind, a solar flare melting all walls that separate and divide, nurturing this new child of humanity waiting to be born ending the divided ways of war. A lunar flare igniting the imagination and opening worlds of vision, dreams, landscapes of deserts, mountain tops, pristine forests, pristine white shores of the ocean, vast fields of golden wheat and wild flowers.

A deliverance, a restoration, an illumination, an invitation to step outside the limiting realities of societies mind, lifting the veils of maya, a glimpse of the eternal within. Thank you for this gift you share everyday. It is a beautiful child of humanity that you help give birth to.” ~anonymous fan