Trickster Review

“Scott Huckabay is a playful trickster that unveils the highest healing rays of the muses. He is a minstrel playing in the frequencies of love whose musical navigation takes us on shamanic journeys to uncharted portals of soul havens to experience sacred landscapes in mystic gardens of spiritual, emotional and physical transformation. A true alchemist …

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Timeless Review

Scott Huckabay is a brilliant guitarist whose groundbreaking style incorporates elements of Rock, Blues, Jazz and Fusion. To watch Huckabay play the guitar today, you are struck by his overall mastery of the fretboard and the way in which his fingers fly up and down the neck of his acoustic guitar. Including using a meteorite …

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Otherwordly, Electrifying!

Scott’s act is reminiscent of transcended masters Michael Hedges meets Jimi Hendrix meets Ravi Shankar. He is a very rhythmic and dynamic player, developing complex and energetic tribal progressions on his alternately tuned guitar, resonant with the heart chakra at 528 Hz. He takes the audience by surprise, leading them through dancing and joyous celebration …

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Sonic Alchemyst

“Guitarist and self-described “sonic alchemyst” Scott Huckabay imbues his music with a shamanistic fervor, drawing from a vast palette of tones, techniques, and tunings to create rich, otherworldly, acoustic-trance soundscapes. His compositions embrace the healing, transformative power of music where his guitar is a sacred instrument that celebrates the ultimate possibilities of life. Huckabay’s distinctive …

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