David of Olympia

5975028364_c079bf68af_b “His Shows are phenomenal, He’s a magician of a musician, especially when you see him live. The long weave of the journey he’s taken me on thru his music have led me into divine and transformative places. Surely beautiful music and talent if you need to stay in your seat, yet I have probably never had a musician share such a sensitive acoustic channel in to a deep and sacred space.” ~David, Olympia WA

Anonymous Fan

Your music penetrates to the very core of being. At times the beauty was so overwhelming, tears poured from me. I have never been touched or moved so deeply by anyone or anything. It was like you were playing on the inside, my nerves were like the strings of your guitar, my heart became the rhythm and beat.

It’s the dance of the Equinox when all opposites unite around the circle of life. An interplay of day & night, a synthesis of many different voices, many different ways. At times, the trumpet of Jericho, the pipes of Pan, The Flute of Krisna, the Shamans drum, the music of Orpheus like a blending of fire, air, water, and earth.

A strong solar wind purifying your mind, a solar flare melting all walls that separate and divide, nurturing this new child of humanity waiting to be born ending the divided ways of war. A lunar flare igniting the imagination and opening worlds of vision, dreams, landscapes of deserts, mountain tops, pristine forests, pristine white shores of the ocean, vast fields of golden wheat and wild flowers.

A deliverance, a restoration, an illumination, an invitation to step outside the limiting realities of societies mind, lifting the veils of maya, a glimpse of the eternal within. Thank you for this gift you share everyday. It is a beautiful child of humanity that you help give birth to.” ~anonymous fan