Sonic Alchemy Music…

Synesthesia (Sonic Alchemyst 2015)

These music compositions were during Scott’s experimental phase in Hawaii. Which Scott Huckabay album is not a collectors item?

Harmonic Reflections (Sonic Alchemyst 2014)

Compilation of Scott's most requested performance songs and perfect gift for friends and family to sample years of innovative mesmerizing recordings.


Secret Portal (Sonic Alchemyst and Sylvia Massy 2006)

Recorded in Mt Shasta and co-produced with world renowned music producer Sylvia Massy, this release is dream team magical treat.


Temple of Dendara (Sonic Alchemyst 2003)

Inspired by visiting the Egyptian pyramids, Scott expresses his experiences on this release. 


Virtual Altar (Sonic Alchemyst 2000) 

Scott’s first solo self-produced soundscape takes the listener on another enlightening soul journey.


Alchemy  (Soundings of the Planet 1999)

Independent Music Award Album of the Year winner!


Peace Dance (Soundings of the Planet 1996)

Scott's highly acclaimed first album is a must have for any Huckabay fan.


Healing Resonance (Soundings of the Planet 2020)

Drawing on their decades of friendship and award-winning collaborations, Scott is joined by Dean Evenson and Phil Heaven to create a tonal journey that is both meditative and uplifting. ​


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Additional recordings available:

Soundings of the Planet