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In 1987 on the Harmonic Convergence, Scott was involved in a near-fatal motorcycle accident. Doctors told him he wouldn’t walk or use his right hand again. He ignored those dreaded words and began his recovery, which included a mysteriously gifted acoustic guitar and the discovery that its sounds took away his pain.  A remarkable healing process ensued, which he attributes to the new music that flowed through his soul, along with a year spent swimming with wild dolphins and whales. It’s now his mission to share his music to help others find inspiration and inner bliss.

A fretboard master who is reshaping the acoustic genre, Huckabay has developed more than 300 open-guitar tunings. His intricate licks incorporate elements of rock, folk, blues and fusion. He peppers a rhythmic groove with the warping and bending of notes, complete with an array of harmonic surprises, including the use of an eBow, quartz crystal and violin bow in the layering of his sonic landscapes.

Independent Music Award Album of the Year winner for “Alchemy”, and Guitar Player of the Year award from BAM Magazine, Los Angeles, Scott Huckabay has garnered the recognition of a virtuoso guitarist. He as opened for a diverse array of artists, including Joe Satriani, Crosby Stills & Nash, Sarah McLachlan, Bonnie Raitt, Steve Morse, Chicago, Jackson Browne, Albert Lee, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Shadowfax, John Trudell, Toni Childs, Pierre Bensusan, Ram Das, Hapa, Bob Weir, Randy Hanson, and many more. He has headlined and performed at literally hundreds of festivals, events, theaters and venues worldwide including a special performance inside the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt.

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4 Responses to Musical Blessing…

  1. I remain in Awe, Breathless, Speechless… The Essence of what Scott brings to us all, touches a place in me I had so long ago forgotten…..
    { namaste } bright blessings (((~!~)))

  2. It’s always an honor to share the healing frequencies to those who are open to listening. Many blessings of gratitude to all…

  3. Ulises Montano says:

    You just need to FEEL AND LISEN then you are in another world no add need it is simply Magic…..Thanks Scoot Blessings

  4. Play on Beautiful Soul…Blessings

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