Involved in a near-fatal motorcycle accident during the Harmonic Convergence Weekend in Arizona, August of 1987. Doctors told him that he would never walk or use his right hand again. He turned to the acoustic guitar, for therapy and a new music began to well up from deep within his soul.

Scott attributes his healing not only to his new music, but also to the year he spent recuperating on a Hawaiian beach, swimming and being inspired by dolphins and whales. He has accepted this entire experience as a gift. Scott believes his mission in life is to share this gift with the world and to help others find healing, joy, and peace through music.
Inspired by the genius of Jimi Hendrix, as much as by dolphins, Scott’s performances are powerfully electrifying. Using a violin bow, an E-bow, percussion styling, and other effects, he creates mystical landscapes that are vast and breathtaking. Scott’s original style of making music with the guitar has led him to many awards, such as BAM Magazine’s Guitarist of the Year Award and his release of Alchemy that won the Independent Music Award for Album of the Year.
Scott plays with an endless supply of energy, which he gives to his audience freely and generously. At the end of each performance, his audience is physically and emotionally renewed. Scott’s music encompasses a joy of being, a passion for life, and a love for all of Earth’s creatures.

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